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Planning a High Tea at Home: Essential Tea Sets, Foods & Etiquette

Do you want to throw a fancy high tea party at home? It’s perfect for special events or just a relaxing time with friends. You’ll need to choose the right date, invite people, plan delicious food, and set a pretty tea table. Every little detail helps make your party a success. This guide will show you how to make your high tea party unforgettable.

Selecting the Date and Sending Invitations

First, pick a day that works for your guests for your tea party. Then, let them know with pretty invites. You can get fancy invites from services like Basic Invite. Or keep it green with digital invites.

To make your party special, add decorations and use vintage tea supplies. Don’t miss tea party favors, a sweet way to thank your guests.

Planning the Menu

Tea and food are key for any high tea party. Offer a mix of tea types, from popular to unique blends. For food, think tea sandwiches, soups, salads, and yummy pastries. Don’t forget warm scones with jam and cream. Aim for a good mix of savory and sweet to please everyone.

You can cook or order the food. Just make sure it fits the high tea vibe.

Setting the Tea Table

The tea table is where the magic happens at your party. It should look beautiful. Start with a nice tablecloth and add centerpieces.

Each place setting needs a tea cup, plates, and silverware. And don’t forget about the tea pots and strainers. Have a serving set for milk and sugar, and extras like spoons and salt and pepper shakers. For a lovely touch, use 3-tiered trays for food. Candles or lights can set a welcoming mood.

Enhancing the Experience

Add music to make your high tea party more elegant. Classical or jazz is great. Give guests favors that they can take home, like teas or scone mix. These extras will make your party standout.


Putting together a high tea party is a lovely chance to enjoy a classic tradition. From the date and invites to the menu and tea table, all parts are important. Beautiful decorations and tasty food will make for a perfect event. So, get your tea sets ready and have fun at your high tea.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Selecting a suitable date and sending out elegant invitations are crucial for planning a high tea party at home.
  • When planning the menu, offer a variety of tea options and include a balance of savory and sweet items.
  • Setting an inviting tea table with appropriate table settings and decorations enhances the overall ambiance.
  • Consider adding background music and party favors to elevate the experience.
  • Carefully planning and considering all essential elements contribute to the success of your high tea party.

Selecting the Date and Sending Invitations

The first step is to pick the date for your high tea party and send out the invites. Find a date that fits well with you and your guests. Also, think about your party’s size based on what you want to spend. Invites help everyone get excited about the upcoming event.

You have a choice when it comes to invites. You can go with the classic paper ones or try digital invitations. Websites like Basic Invite let you make custom invites. Digital options are easy to use and good for the earth since they save paper.

To make your party memorable, add special tea party decorations. Using vintage tea items like cups, saucers, and teapots brings an old-world charm. Things like flowers, lace, and pretty dishes help make it feel like stepping into a wonderland.

Giving out tea party favors shows your guests you appreciate them. Small gifts like unique teas, tea infusers, or elegant spoons are perfect. They remind your friends of the lovely time they had at your party.

By setting the right date, sending out invites, and putting thought into decorations and favors, you’re on track for a great high tea party. Up next, plan a menu full of scrumptious treats and teas your guests will love.

Planning the Menu

The drink and food choices at a high tea party are very important. Provide a range of teas, including English Breakfast and Earl Grey for those who like classics. For more adventurous types, offer Chai Spice or Lavender Earl Grey.

For the food, offer both savory and sweet dishes. Classic tea sandwiches like cucumber or smoked salmon, topped with cream cheese or dill, are a good start. Serve them with warm scones and the classic Devon cream and jam.

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Also, include salads and soups like fresh green salads or tomato soup. These dishes add a light and refreshing touch to the menu.

To end, serve a variety of pastries and desserts. Mini cakes, tarts, and cookies are perfect. Always have gluten-free and vegan treats available.

You can order from a catering service or make the food yourself using high tea recipes. DIY recipes let you make a menu that’s special. It shows your guests you care about their experience.

Sample High Tea Menu:

Drink Food Desserts
English Breakfast Tea Classic Cucumber Sandwiches Assorted Mini Cakes
Earl Grey Tea Smoked Salmon and Dill Sandwiches Strawberry Tarts
Chai Spice Tea Caprese Skewers Lemon Bars
Lavender Earl Grey Tea Roasted Red Pepper Soup Chocolate Chip Cookies
Herbal Infusion Tea Curried Chicken Salad Blueberry Scones

Offer a wide tea selection to cater to all tastes. Make sure there are options for those who like caffeine-free teas.

Planning the menu well ensures a top-tier high tea experience. Delicious food and varied teas promise a memorable gathering.

Setting the Tea Table

The tea table is at the heart of your high tea party, making its setup crucial. Here’s how to design a lovely tea party venue:

Tablecloth and Centerpieces

First, drape the table with a charming tablecloth that fits the party’s theme. Then, don’t forget to place eye-catching centerpieces. You can use flowers or seasonal decorations for elegance.

Place Settings

Tidy up the table with plates, bowls, silverware, glasses, and a tea cup for each person. It’s key that everything matches and adds to the party’s look. Vintage or fine porcelain sets bring extra sophistication.

Tea Pots and Strainers

Make sure there are plenty of tea pots and strainers for the tea types you have. This setup lets guests pick from various teas with ease. Keep them close for everyone to reach.

Milk and Sugar Set

For those who like milk or sugar in their tea, have a set ready. It should include a creamer, a sugar bowl with spoons, and enough stirrers.

Additional Details

Don’t overlook simple touches like name place cards for a warm feeling. Include salt and pepper too, if it fits. Tea sandwiches and pastries can be elegantly served on 3-tier stands.

Devon Cream and Jam for Scones

Serve Devon cream, jam, and spoons with scones for a luxurious treat. They’re perfect for guests looking to enjoy something sweet with their tea.

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Ambiance Enhancements

Light up the party with candles or small lights for a cozy setting. These details go a long way in making your tea party an unforgettable experience.

Follow these tips and your tea table will be a beautiful, welcoming space for your high tea party.

Enhancing the Experience

To make your high tea party unforgettable, focus on the details. Add special touches to create a delightful ambiance. This will make your guests’ experience stand out. Here’s how you can enhance your high tea party:

Create a Playlist

Make your high tea party more elegant by picking the right music. Go for classical or jazz tunes that are smooth and classy. These tunes will make the atmosphere pleasant and set a good vibe for your afternoon event.

Party Favors

Make your guests feel special with fun party favors. Choose small items that match the tea party’s theme. Some suggestions include:

  • Loose leaf teas for a later treat
  • Dainty teaspoons as keepsakes
  • Tea infusers for home brewing
  • Scone mix or mini jam jars for a high tea taste at home

These thoughtful gifts will remind your guests of the wonderful time they had.

elegant tea party décor

Making Lasting Memories

A high tea party is all about creating special memories. Have a photo booth with fancy props and a lovely backdrop. This lets your friends take fun photos to remember the day.

You might also want to hire a pro photographer. They can take pictures of the beautiful setup, delicious snacks, and joyous moments. This way you can keep and share these memories with your loved ones.

Enhancement Ideas Description
Create a Playlist Curate a selection of classical or jazz tunes to enhance the ambiance of the high tea party.
Party Favors Provide guests with small and practical gifts such as loose leaf teas, dainty teaspoons, tea infusers, or scone mix.
Making Lasting Memories Set up a photo booth area with elegant props and hire a professional photographer to capture the highlights of the event.


Hosting a high tea party at home is very enjoyable and creates lasting memories. By planning carefully and picking the right High Tea Party Essentials such as the date, invitations, menu, and tea table, your event will be elegant and fun for everyone invited.

Choosing beautiful tea party decorations and making delicious high tea recipes are key. Every little detail is important for your party to be a success. The tea table stands out with its amazing tea party table settings and pretty decor. The menu has lots of yummy options like tea sandwiches and warm scones.

Make your high tea party cozy with soft lights and nice music. This creates a peaceful and enjoyable vibe. Get your favorite tea sets ready and enjoy this classic tradition. It’s perfect for special occasions or just a calm time with friends.

Wear your fancy clothes and toast with your teacup to a lovely and elegant gathering.

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